Family & Neighborhood Diner

All-Day Breakfast and More

Martin Way Diner is a family-friendly restaurant in Olympia, WA. We offer a wide variety of classic American dishes. Are you craving pancakes and French toast in the afternoon? Satisfy your hunger with our all-day breakfast menu. Drop by our restaurant today for great food and exceptional service.


Service With a Smile

Enjoy first-class service from some of the best waiters in the Pacific Northwest. Ask our friendly staff if you are not sure what to order. They will happily tell you more about each of the items on our menu. Our large selection of pull tabs will also keep you entertained while waiting for your meals to be served.

Start Your Day Right

At Martin Way Diner, the day does not start until you say so. Even if you sleep in, our delicious breakfast offerings will be waiting for you. Start your day right, regardless of the time, by ordering from our famous breakfast menu. Contact us at (360) 705-1438.